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Market Dashboard

Answer all your global crypto market questions by exploring the dashboard data, and find out about the current trends.


Market Screener

Visualize a wealth of precious market data efficiently and take advantage of our advanced filters to find exactly what you want.


Investment Charts

Visualize all the charts you need to understand the market state, by accessing this powerful and unique investment tools.


AI Analyst

Hyvi aggregates all the information available through the application to give you a complete analysis of the assets of your choice.


Crypto Cards

Get all the detailed information about many crypto assets in a clear and simplified way, whether they are fundamental or for trading.


Investor Cards

Access detailed information on all notable crypto investors and VCs effortlessly, and observe which asset types they are focusing on.


Holder Cards

Access information about crypto holders, from venture capital firms to other institutional investors, and see what types of assets they focus on.


Calculation Tools

Access useful tools to evaluate the growth potential of assets or the impact of performance on their price.


Portfolio Overview

Visualize all your cryptoassets held on CEXs in a unified interface, and benefit from aggregated information to easily track your investments.


Binance Tracking

Analyze all your assets held at Binance in detail and get many useful statistics and insights to accurately track your performance.


Strategy Builder

Use built-in strategies and indicators or customize them to create your own unique trading combinations and boost your performance.


VIP Signals

Benefit from exclusive insights and signals to take highly optimized positions on the markets, while educating yourself to boost your profits.


Unyx Data

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Supreme Vision

BSV is the ultimate tool for ideally identifying when to buy and sell any asset with a medium-long term horizon.

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Master Oscillator

With the BMO, observe what percentage of addresses are in profit, and visualize when profits or losses are realized.

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Magic Bands

Visualize overbought and oversold zones as well as reversal points, and adapt to the volatility of any asset thanks to an ultra-complete tool.

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Cycle Synthesis

BSC allows you to accurately identify the tops and bottoms of Bitcoin cycles, as well as the bullish and bearish phases of the market.

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On-chain Suite

Benefit from a wealth of on-chain data, including whale (very large portfolios) statistics, and supply distribution information.

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Unyx Bands

BUB is a powerful indicator accompanied by a strategy based on the momentum of an asset that aims to make trades over the medium term.

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The goal of the BUX indicator is to give you an overview of the status of many indicators on different timeframes and detect correlations.

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Pivot Identifier

BPI provide information about the All Time High and All Time Low of any asset, and also identifies several types of pivot levels.

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Reversal Identifier

With the Blockunity Reversal Identifier, benefit from a unified view of all potential market reversal or acceleration points.

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Trend Identifier

BTI identifies the trend of an asset with several configurable elements, including moving averages and trend following clouds.

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Rainbow Score

BRS help investors quickly and efficiently visualize whether an asset appears to be in a buy or sell zone with a scoring method.

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Drawdown Visualizer

BDV is a very easy to understand metric that allows you to visualize the drawdown of any asset in the most visual way possible.

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Unyx Data Overview

With the BUD, you’ll be able to retrieve a wealth of information and status from other Unyx Data metrics in a unified table.

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User Profile

Access all your account information details and configure your general settings and access security in this section.



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